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How to keep your desk clean and organized

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how to keep your desk clean and organized

When you are spending a lot of time working behind your desk, at some point you will notice it’s can be difficult to keep it clean. But don’t worry. We’ve found a great way to keep your desk clean and organized!

This is a complete guide on how to keep your desk clean and organized. A clean desk will increase your productivity and give you an overall better feeling.

Total Time: 20 minutes

  1. Remove small objects from your desk

    The most common reason our desks tend to become unorganized is small bits and bobs. Therefore removing them will be a great first step toward an organized workspace.

  2. Organize your cables

    Organizing your cables has a great impact on how your desk will look. Less visible cables will result in a less messy look. Therefore get yourself some cable organizers and hide those wires!

  3. Clean your desk surface

    You will be surprised at how much dust and debris will collect on your desk. Therefore cleaning the surface of your desk will give it a “like new” look. Much better to work on!

    Tip: Do you have a wood desk surface? Consider lightly sanding it and putting on a layer of oil. This will truly make your desk look new!

  4. Limit your desk decoration to one item

    Even though it might look cool, decoration on your desk can actually make it look messy and unorganized. Therefore limiting your decorative items to one will give a cleaner desk look.

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