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How to clean a Moka pot with vinegar

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how to clean your moka pot

Do you own the best portable coffee maker on the market today? Good! But how do you keep your Moka pot clean? It may seem tricky at first but cleaning your Moka pot is actually really easy!

The best way to clean your Moka pot is using Vinegar. To do so you have to mix ½ of vinegar with ½ of water and pour it into your Moka pot. Let this mixture sit for about 24 hours and you will have a clean Moka pot!

Things you will need:

Lucy’s distilled white vinegar

Best distilled white vinegar for cleaning your Moka pot
  • Any distilled white vinegar, we recommend Lucy’s
  • A brush that’s small enough to clean your Moka pot
  • Towel to let you Moke pot dry on
  • Warm/Hot water
  • (optional) 2 fresh Lemons

Here is an in-depth guide on how to clean your Moka pot using Vinegar and water.

Total cleaning time: 24 hours

  1. Clean your Moka pot using a brush and some mild detergent

    Use a dishwashing brush to remove most residue from your Moka pot. Don’t worry about scrubbing everything off yet. This will become much easier once the vinegar did its work.

    Note: Don’t put your Moka pot in a dishwasher. This can cause oxidation and corrosion, also known as rust. Hard brushes will cause scratches, this may cause rust and shorten the life of your Moka pot.

  2. Mix ½ of vinegar with ½ of water inside your Moka pot

    Mix ½ of vinegar with ½ of warm/hot water inside your Moka pot. Make sure that both parts of your Moka pot are submerged in this mixture.

  3. Let the water/vinegar mixture stand for 24 hours

    After you have mixed the vinegar and water it is time to let it rest for at least 24 hours. This will ensure that all the white residue inside your Moka pot will be easy to remove.

  4. Clean your Moka pot using a soft brush or sponge

    Once the vinegar has been in the Moka pot for 24 hours it is ready to be cleaned. You will notice that all the white residue and other dirt will be really easy to remove.

    Use a soft brush to clean your Moka pot! You don’t want to make any scratches as this will cause rust. Be careful and take your time cleaning your Moka pot as this will give the best result.

  5. Optional: Add some lemon water to your Moka pot

    If your Moka pot is not as shiny as it used to be, a great way to bring it back to life is by adding some water and lemons.

    To make your Moka pot like new again: Add 2 sliced lemons with water to the pot. Let this mixture rest for at least 2 hours. After that, clean your pot with a soft brush. You will notice that the metal will become shiny again.

  6. Let your Moka pot dry upside down on a towel

    Once you are happy with the results and your Moka pot is looking good again you have to let it dry. It is important that you dry your Moka pot first using a towel as this will decrease the chance of rust.

    After you thoroughly dried your Moka pot you can let it dry upside down on a towel.

That’s it! Cleaning your Moka pot with vinegar takes a bit of time but I’m certain you will be surprised by the results.

Good luck!

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