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How to remove mold from carpet in a boat

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how to clean your boat carpet

It’s a nightmare once you discover mold or mildew developing on your boat carpet. With a lot of water coming into a boat, every boat owner awaits the same unfortunate destiny. However, don’t panic yet. There are a lot of ways to remove mold from the carpet in your boat!

Things you will need:

Lemoncide – Professional Disinfecting Mildew, Virus & Mold Killer

Bottle of Professional-Disinfecting-Mildew-Virus-Mold-Killer
  • A 10-liter bucket, filled with warm water
  • Professional mold remover – Lemoncide
  • A sturdy, Nylon brush
  • (optional) Chlorine bleach

This is a simple guide on how to remove mold from the carpet in your boat. Follow these steps and you will have a mold-free boat in no time.

Cleaning time: 30 minutes

  1. Wet the carpet with warm water

    Use a brush to wet the carpet in your boat. Don’t soak it through just make sure the mold remover can be spread evenly.

  2. Dissolve the mold remover in a large 10-liter bucket

    On the bottle of your mold remover, read what the right water to solvent ratio is. Mix well in a large 10-liter bucket.

    Tip: Wear gloves. Mold remover can be harsh on the skin. Read the instructions on the bottle to make sure you follow the right safety precautions.

  3. Use a deck brush or scrub brush to brush in the mold remover

    A long handle scrub brush or deck brush will work best. Scrub until you see a minimal amount of mold on the carpet. After scrubbing the whole surface let the mold remover sit for 10 minutes.

  4. Rinse out the mold remover with warm water

    Use a generous amount of water to remove all the mold remover. It is important you do this thoroughly. Leftover mold remover can leave stains on your boat carpet.

  5. Let the carpet dry and inspect for mold

    Let the carpet in your boat dry completely. This might take over 24 hours depending on weather conditions. Once the carpet is dry and you still see mold or mildew on it, proceed to the next step.

  6. Use chlorine bleach and mold remover if there is still mold on the carpet

    In case there is still mold on the boat carpet after these steps we will need to use Chlorine bleach. This will remove all the access mold that could cause discoloration of the carpet. Therefore, you have to test it first before you proceed.

    Mix 1 cup of mold remover with 1 cup of chlorine bleach and 1 gallon of warm water. Pour it into a spray bottle and using a brush work it on the mold spots.

We hope this guide was helpful and you were able to remove all the mold on your boat! If you still have mold on your carpet the only solution left would be to call a professional mold removing company.

Good luck!

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